Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"
Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"


Each unit comes with a full 100% warranty for the first year.  One-year maintenance contracts are available thereafter for just $350 per year, which fully covers the repair and/or replacement of your system, including the Windows Tablet.  Now you can have peace of mind that you'll never have to go back to that "mess" of wires and cabling again.

Get the EDGE with Swap-and-Go capability!

In the unlikely event you experience a problem with the Windows Touch Tablet that is part of the EDGE writer, you can simply swap it out for another and you're ready to go -- all in less than a minute!  Once we are notified of a problem, we can ship you a new tablet overnight and you are back up and running.  No more need for you to ship your writer to us, never knowing when you will get it back.


Or for just $400, you can have a "backup" tablet fully configured and ready to go.  No more need to send your unit back to the manufacturer for costly and time-consuming repairs.  Everything is completely under your control.  Isn't that the way it should be?

Give yourself the Edge for  just $3,995!         

Try the incredible EDGE Tablet for 30 days and experience its power and versatility for yourself.  If you're not completely satisfied with this amazing Writer, simply ship it back within 30 days and you get a full refund, no questions asked.




The price for your own custom-made EDGE Tablet is just $3.995. Now you can have twice the machine for thousands less than the competition!  

Don't wait.  This offer won't last long.



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