Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"
Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"

The EDGE Tablet Realtime Translation System: The most versatile and feature-packed writer on the market today.  WORKS WITH ANY CAT SOFTWARE AND ANY DICTIONARY.

Creator Jerry Lefler scores highest mark in English category using machine shorthand in 2014 INTERSTENO worldwide realtime text entry contest using the EDGE writer and Digitext theory!

This mess look familiar?

Does this look familiar?  Are you tired of all the wires and mess?  Well, those days are over.  With the amazing new EDGE. simply set it up, turn it on and start writing in under 30 seconds!  View and edit your realtime translation on the EDGE's chrystal-clear 8-inch touch screen utilizing the full version of your existing CAT software.  No more tangle of messy wires, mulitple power cords, scaled-down translation software, plug in microphones and a separate detached keyboard.  You can have it all in one light, compact unit.  Finally a system made by a working reporter ... for the working reporter.


Hi, my name is Jerry Lefler.  Welcome to my site.  In 1985, I authored the Digitext Theory and Translation logic, as well as patented the first fully electronic hall-effect stenographic keyboad.  Our earlier systems can be found in Dom Tursi's incredible Gallery of Shorthand, with many still being used by reporters and captioners today.  Many years ahead of the times, these systems set the bar for all the other vendors in the industry to shoot for.  Only now, 25 years later, has the competition finally introduced their own fully electronic keyboards taking advantage of the  adjustable and reliable magnetic hall-effect technology.


Well, the bar has just been raised again with the introduction of the revolutionary EDGE Tablet Realtime Writer. The EDGE will give you a competitive advantage and make your more productive, with a myriad of configurations you can use:

  1. Use the EDGE as a fully functional stand-alone writer utilizing your own writing style and dictionary(s) and the version of whichever CAT software you are already so familiar with.  No more paired-down, proprietary limited translation software on your writer.  This gives you multiple backup files for added security and eliminates all those messy wires and power adapters.  You can also output wirelessly directly to your client's laptop or Smartphone directly from your Writer via SmartText or any of the other viewing packages on the market today.
  2. For added versatility and safety, you can simultaneously interface with your CAT software on another laptop via wireless Bluetooth, giving you TWO COMPLETE TRANSLATION SYSTEMS RUNNING SIDE-BY-SIDE!  This gives you double and triple backup of all your work, including your steno an audio files! 
  3. Using the included proprietary StenoMaker software, use as a simple stand-alone electronic writer by connecting directly to your laptop or computer via a serial USB cable, or wirelessly via Bluetooth, for realtime transation.

With the EDGE, you get unparalled flexibilility, coupled with the most dependable, smoothest steno keyboard ever invented.  The full electronic keyboard comes with two extra keys to the left-hand side for added flexibility in your writing (Optional).  In addition, here are 9 programmable keys that you can set up for saving your work files, editing text, or however you want to define them.  Each of these 9 keys also have automatic repeat capability.  Simply hold the key down and it will automatically repeat the stroke until you let loose.  This is extremely useful when defining the keys for cursor movement or character/word deletion.  If you want to be more productive, then give yourself the EDGE!

Utilizing today's 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY, each EDGE is custom made to your exact specifications.  The EDGE is by the far the most advanced writer on the market today at only 2.75 inches tall, weighing just 6 pounds, including the removable 8-inch Windows tablet. You get 3 USB ports and a micro-SD memory card for multiple backups of your job while writing, plus all the features of Windows 8, including wireless full WiFi, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI output, a webcam, 6-8 hours of battery operation, a removable SD memory card, and an internal/external microphone input (no need for separate mics for audio recording.)  Now you can upload all your work to the Cloud or to Dropbox for added backup, allowing you to access your files for editing from anywhere you have an internet connection!  The EDGE interfaces with all the popular CAT software, including those by Stenograph, Eclipse and ProCat (Stenovations DigitalCAT shown.)  The EDGE can preloaded and set up with the CAT software of your choosing.  Once you enter your vendor-issued user's code and load your translation dictionary(s), you're ready to go.  No need for extra desk space for a separate laptop and multiple power packs, this amazing EDGE tablet has an on-screen QWERTY keyboard right at your fingertips for on-the-fly editing, making you more productive during your job and/or at breaks.  Isn't it about time you gave yourserve an EDGE?

Give yourself the Edge for  just $3,995!         

Try the incredible EDGE Tablet for 30 days and experience its power and versatility for yourself.  If you're not completely satisfied with this amazing Writer, simply ship it back within 30 days and you get a full refund, no questions asked.




The price for your own custom-made EDGE Tablet is just $3.995. Now you can have twice the machine for thousands less than the competition!  

Don't wait.  This offer won't last long.



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