Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"
Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"

About us

Hi, my name is Jerry Lefler CSR RPR CRR CM.  I have been a working reporter since 1974, having covered just about every kind of deposition there is, as well as founding Realtime Captioning, Inc., in the early '90s, closed captioning everything from the local Los Angeles news to the Olympics.  


In 1983, ready to find another profession if I couldn't find a better way, I wrote the Digitext Theory of Writing and designed the patented translation logic that goes along with the theory, allowing a trained writer to write virtually any word in any language, with no dictionary updating!  At the same time, I created the first fully electronic hall-effect stenograph keyboard, which was also patented in 1985.  


Unfortunately, back in 1985 the industry wasn't ready for realtime and what we saw as the key to sustaining our existence as a viable profession -- REALTIME REPORTING.  It has taken 25 years, but it is now pretty well understood and accepted in the reporting industry that what we were saying in 1985 couldn't have been more prophetic.


Jump forward to 2010, and the competition has finally seen the light.  Stenograph finally introduced their first fully electronic system and hall-effect keyboard:  The Diamante.  So have ProCat and Eclipse and a couple other vendors represented at the latest Convention.  It only took them 25 years, but they have finally introduced a hall-effect keyboard of their own.  The only problem is, they still require you to use their proprietary, scaled-down software that has limited functionality, a mulititude of cords and plugs, external microphones, and have no built-in keyboards for editing, leaving you with limited and clumsy editing capabilities on the writers themselves.


That's why I have designed the EDGE, the first fully-contained, Windows-capable system that marries the same reliable hall-effect keyboard I designed 25 years ago with today's technology.  Compact and powerful netbook and tablet computers are transforming the computer world.  By seamlessly marrying the two, you can now take advantage of the full CAT translation software that you are familiar with, with YOUR OWN dictionary(s) not some scaled-down version that limits your productivity and capabilities ... without all the messy wires, cabling and separate keyboard components!!

Give yourself the Edge for  just $3,995!         

Try the incredible EDGE Tablet for 30 days and experience its power and versatility for yourself.  If you're not completely satisfied with this amazing Writer, simply ship it back within 30 days and you get a full refund, no questions asked.




The price for your own custom-made EDGE Tablet is just $3.995. Now you can have twice the machine for thousands less than the competition!  

Don't wait.  This offer won't last long.



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