Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"
Windows 8 Tablet "Edge"




Can I use any CAT software on the EDGE writer?

Absolutely.  Since this system is fully Windows compatible, you simply load the CAT software of your choice, select the input device and communications port for your CAT software, and you're ready to go.  Simple as that.


What is a hall-effect keyboard and what are its advantages?

A hall-effect device is basically two parts - a sensor and a magnet.  The magnet is attached to the bottom of each key arm directly over a sensor.  As you depress a key(s) the magnet moves away from the sensor.  The software then can detect how far the magnet has moved and register how far down a key has been depressed, with the ability to follow the magnet anywhere in the keystroke.  The user then has the ability to electronically tell the keyboard where in the overall travel distance of any key they want the stroke to "register."  A far cry from spinning wheels and tiny screws to adjust the "sensitivity" of a keyboard.  There are no touching or rubbing parts.  That's why the hall-effect keyboard, which I introduced in 1985, is the most reliable electronic keyboard ever devised and is being used by nearly all vendors today -- finally, 25 years later!


How long is that great price going to last?

Not long.  I want to get some units into the hands of some serious reporters and captioners for their feedback and testimonials.  Then the price will be $4,995.

Give yourself the Edge for  just $3,995!         

Try the incredible EDGE Tablet for 30 days and experience its power and versatility for yourself.  If you're not completely satisfied with this amazing Writer, simply ship it back within 30 days and you get a full refund, no questions asked.




The price for your own custom-made EDGE Tablet is just $3.995. Now you can have twice the machine for thousands less than the competition!  

Don't wait.  This offer won't last long.



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